You can provide any service to anyone around the world who needs your service. We will introduce reliable customers to you. In TAAK, you know for sure that your service will be paid, and if you receive a service, you know that you will get it on time, and it has all the qualities that you have requested. TAAK will introduce you to the customers. If you need something, TAAK suggests you submit your request to find the best possible service provider who can provide whatever it is that you need.

 As a new user, you can examine the system. The algorithms used in the implementation of the TAAK platform make it easy for anyone to work in this environment.

Please send us your opinions and ask any other questions you have.

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The system considers more percentage of the final profits for those who attend earlier or for those who had more experience working in the TAAK environment.

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TAAK is NOT a market. It is a decentralized distributed system that provides a secure environment for anybody (either highly educated or ordinary people) around the world to cooperate with others and to work on this environment.
TAAK will introduce new technology to the world. This technology :
1- Makes people intensively work for each other.
2- Helps people to present their capabilities to others who need those capabilities.
3- Helps users not to worry about other all aspects of a job; instead they concern only about doing their part correctly and with high quality.

Anybody can work in TAAK if he/she can do a job correctly.
There are some cooperations defined in TAAK that people around the work can participate in and play one of the roles of that collaboration. This cooperation will be checked by the TAAK systems if someone is reliable; TAAK will not let him work anymore. The advanced algorithms designed in the TAAK platform provide safety and security for the participants.


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Just register, and send us anything you can do. Including your products or even a simple service such as typing.

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Years ago in order to satisfy their needs, people used to trade their properties. This strategy has a great characteristic that is no one could own more than a specific amount of properties. That is because it was hard to deal with them and keep them valuable.
Having many possessions required space and maintenance. However, as time passed some particular materials such as gold and silver became more valuable than others. And, one who owned more gold was wealthier and could trade a little, say gold, with a considerable amount of other substances.
Eventually, metal coins such as various types of gold and silver coins were introduced to the world. And, money in other forms got permanent in the world. Again by the passage of time for security and for investing and other reasons, everyone saved his or her money in different bank accounts. And, the account numbers became anyone’s possession. So, numbers reveal the actual wealth of anyone. Recently, an idea came into being. Based on this idea only numbers are enough, and there is no need to be some kind of physical material or anything else to represent someone’s financial capability. This is called virtual money or to be more accurate “virtual coin”.
Nowadays, various types of virtual coins have introduced to the world, which bitcoin is one of the most common ones. In order to implement such kind of coins, many considerations should be taken into account, among which security and correctness are highly important. Previously, a thief needs to steal something by some physical actions such as bank robbery, regarding virtual coin no thief needs to plan a physical robbery. Stealing is more approachable using networks and hardware instruments, and even more affordable using software strategies.
In addition to security concerns, wasting time, hardware, and energy to compute complicated algorithms used to produce valid numbers for the virtual coins, currently exist in the world, is a big issue the world has encountered in the recent years. There are quite a few costly computers currently in many countries running highly intricate algorithms to produce virtual coins. This amount of hardware capability and energy, which is using for this calculation can be used for actual more useful purposes such as medical researches. Moreover, big companies in the world are dealing with many complex problems that highly complicated algorithms are required to solve them. Some papers deal with this idea. In fact, they want to use the hardware and energy and time behind the calculation of producing virtual coins so that not only the coins will be generated with the similar characteristics as before but also that capabilities behind this calculation get into service for valuable purposes.
The LoR system tries to present a method that reveals that not anyone needs to solve a hard problem, either actual or fake (as a proof-of-work), to earn virtual coin. You do not need to purchase miners or other special hardware. We propose a foundational shift in designing decentralized systems, using ideas that have already proven their advantage in operating systems and distributed systems.
We will publish the strategy used by LoR later. But you must know it works based on some specific cooperation which will be introduced later. TAAK is an implementation of the LoR system. Anyone who works on this platform can send or receive various types of services from different sides of the world securely. The LoR system will guarantee security. Considering a specific service anyone who provides that sooner in the system will receive more money at the end. Any cooperation gives a user a percentage of the money transformed through that cooperation. Those who join the system in the first steps can collaborate on more cooperation and make more money. Please contact us if you need more information.

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The provided services are completely confidential. No personal information is shared with third parties. No one has access to other’s data unless they are collaborators and running the same cooperation.

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Start, Learn, Feel, TAAK, then you’ll Believe

Welcome to the new Platform. TAAK is the name of the platform created based on LoR (the Loop of the Rings). The LoR concept is a reliable decentralized system that provides safety for those who intend to cooperate in a secure environment. If you choose to work on this platform, you can access to many general services around the world while you can present a general service yourself in the network created by TAAK. The network created by TAAK only allows some predetermined services for a user to provide for others and earn money. These services designed based on the general requirements of an ordinary person. You should know a service provided by you in TAAK will be checked by a group of other participants called the verification team.

Arash Vaezi
Designer of TAAK

Ph.D. Software-Algorithm, Department of Computer Engineering, Sharif University of Technology

He also was accepted for a Dean’s fellowship Ph.D. student at NYU 2014. However, due to some family issues he had to leave new york university and come back to his hometown.

Arash’s experience in designing decentralized and intelligent systems made him an incredible system designer. In 2018 he designed a nice decentralized distributed system called LoR that provides a reliable environment for everybody to collaborate with others around the world. There are many high advanced algorithms designed in the platform provided by LoR. LoR stands for “the Loop of the Rings” which points out the structure of the system.

TAAK is an implementation of the LoR system.



Kaveh Vaezi

Ph.D. Electrical Engineering Department, Sharif University of Technology

 Main Manager of TAAK