Computer Based Projects

These projects were designed based on the requirements of human being in the close future of the world. The designers have establish a straight-forward strategy to develope corporations and companies or institutes which can satidfy the human’s prospective requirements. The managers and employers of such organizations will be trained based on the projects stated by TAAK. We will make groups of talented co-workers to collaborate with each other either in the companionships created by TAAK. Every gathering of people in each collaboration is trustful for anyone based on the paltform that is immplemented by TAAK.

Learning: You must register the classes listed below first. Then, you will ready to get expert in what you learn.

Earning Skills: You will be guided by experts to learn skills. Getting expert in the what you do requires training under the supervision of skillful coaches.

Idea:  Coming with a novel thriving idea, and work on that is a big step for everyone who is expert in what he/she is doing. In this step, we will propose a few ideas for you.

Setting up a business: Setting a business model, writing a business plan, working on the future of the idea and analyzing the  revenue and earnings are the what you should do after running a business.