Welcome to the new Platform. TAAK is the name of the platform created based on LoR (the Loop of the Rings). The LoR concept is a reliable decentralized system that provides safety for those who intend to cooperate in a secure environment. If you choose to work on this platform, you can access to many general services around the world while you can present a general service yourself in the network created by TAAK. The network created by TAAK only allows some predetermined services for a user to provide for others and earn money. These services designed based on the general requirements of an ordinary person.

You should know a service provided by you in TAAK will be checked by a group of other participants called the verification team.



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  1. KamalSaeidi
    KamalSaeidi says:

    ، . با سلام و سپاس از زاه اندازه سامانه تاک.. اینجانب کارشناس نرم افزار و کارشناس ارشد هوش مصنوعی و مسلط به چندین زبان و تکنولوژی های برنامه نویسی و نیز در حوزه هوش مصنوعی بوده و نیز موسس آموزشگاه فنی و حرفه ای در رشته های الکترونیک، فناوری اطلاعات، امور مالی و
    بازرگانی، هنرهای تجسمی و خدمات آموزشی هستم. وب سایت آموزشگاه دارای وب سایت و دیگر امکانات تبلیغی در شبکه های اجتماعی است. آموزش ها از طریق این امکانات به صورت حضوری و آنلاین در اختیار فراگیران قرار می گیرد.
    سوال این است که سامانه تاک چه امکانات اضافی ( جدا از امکان دسترسی کاربران دیگر کشورها و نیز امکان پرداخت هزینه های دوره های آموزشی به صورت پول مجازی) در اختیار اعضا قرار می دهد. آیا امکان ارائه دوره های آموزشی و استفاده از سیستم دریافت و پرداخت آنلاین از طریق این سیستم فراهم است و امنیت و محافظت اطلاعات در آن تضمین شده است و نیز آیا عضویت و ارائه خدمات و دریافت مبالغ ارائه خدمات مستلزم پرداخت هزینه به سیستم تاک است و در این صورت مقدار آن چقدر است.

    با سپاس
    کمال سعیدی

    Email: kamalsaeidi@yahoo.com

    • Arash
      Arash says:

      Dear Kamal Saeidi,

      Imagine the world before Uber or any other similar application with the same idea. Then, your question would be like this: “I have a taxi myself, or I have an organization that owns a lot of cars and taxis, and I want to know if there are any extra services that Uber provides for my customers or me?!” Although the question is reasonable, the fact is that Uber has illustrated a completely different vision of taxis and traveling to the world. Previously it was hard to explain it efficiently, especially for the public.
      The TAAK system plays a similar role. You cannot compare it with a market or any other traditional service providers in the world. It opens an entirely different view of providing services to the world. The TAAK system’s implementation passes its first steps, that is why we cannot let the details be available in public. We have only introduced the overall purpose of the system and some more essential features. To start the system, we have begun to accept customers and service providers to join the TAAK network. By doing this, later we can recognize the people who can provide excellent and qualified services. Then, we will intend to connect them to the network and help them grow in the system. Of course, those who trust us and work with us sooner will receive our services more quickly and, consequently, grow in the TAAK network better.

      Arash Vaezi

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