Here we have a list of various types of extraordinary products. These items are not considered as (virtual or local) services. They need other specific extra services themselves  such as transportation. These are special products you cannot find simply in other markets.

  • Women Cloth

    Women’s Evening Dress, Pinafore, Low-cut Dress

  • Carpet

    Caroet, Patteh, Kilim/Gilim

  • Flowers

    Flowers and flower pots

  • Hygiene

    Mask, Luxury Covers, Cleaning Stuff

  • Painting

    Original art for sale. Art for the soul. Art for life. Art for your home.

  • Salon & Spa & Shampoo

    Beauty & Personal Care, Shampoo & Conditioner Sets

  • Precious Stones

    Precious and Semi precious Gemstones